5 Upcoming Whatsapp Features You Never Heard Of!


WhatsApp has been updated on Android with a few useful new features, including an option to mark conversations as unread



Instant messaging apps have replaced the traditional ways of texting. Leading this IM-revolution, WhatsApp has made a special place in people’s heart.India has ranked 1 in using whatsapp. But, when it comes to customization features, WhatsApp is trails behind the other apps. Trying to change this notion, WhatsApp is rolling out many customization features in it upcoming update.

This popular messaging service is receiving an update that will provide more customized notification along with an option to make lesser-data WhatsApp Voice Calls. Currently these features are not rolled out as an update on Google Play, but you can find the latest APK on various websites.

Let’s talk about the WhatsApp Voice Calls first. Facebook owned WhatsApp recently got the voice calling facility integrated in its app. But, if you are using a capped data pack, controlling the amount of data spent on internet browsing and WhatsApp Voice Calls is a tough task.

With the new update, users will have the ability to select the low-data mode. This will also help those in areas with limited network coverage.

Along with the voice call update, now WhatsApp will soon have option of custom notifications. Now you’ll be able to select custom notifications for each chat. This means, you can customize the notification tone, pop-ups, notification light, vibration etc.

Now you will be able to mute notifications from individual people and mark the read notifications as unread. No more ruined relationships.

This new version of WhatsApp is expected to make appearance on Google Play soon. Till then, you can find the APK on APK Mirror.(http://www.apkmirror.com/)

WhatsApp doesn’t seem to have published its latest version to Google Play yet, but you can download it from the company’s site.

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