Momo challenge an Another suicide game over whatsapp


We still did not forget the most freaking suicide game blue whale that ruined many lives around the world by Russian teenagers who targeted teenagers by giving around 50 tasks and the final task to suicide by blackmailing them by there secret details and now we have momo.

Now another freaking game that is getting viral around the many countries causing suicide.

THE MOMO CHALLENGE: the whats app suicide game

momo challenge

Momo challenge the whatsapp game

Momo the new life challenging game that made a 12 Year old girl to suicide.

Few days back a 12 year old girl was trying to hang herself on a tree , where her brother saw that she was hanging and tried to rescue her but she was no more.

Then her parents got a doubt that what made a 12 year old girl to suicide, then they got a smartphone recording the girl’s suicide and someone was watching it.

Then her parents rushed to argentina police station and made a complain on this issue.

When they started to investigate they got to know that she was chatting with a contact named MOMO.

What happened was a few days ago she got a WhatsApp message from a Japanese phone number and asked her to “save my number as momo and let us be friends ” and made her save the number in the phone.

Then later the momo(unknown) started to chat with the girl normally and collected the secrets what a 12 year can give to them.

Later they started to give her some tasks like “don’t talk with your parents for one day” and this continued.

when the girl refused to do what they told, they strated to blackmail her by telling “i will disturb your parents and reveal your secrets” and much more…

Then the 12-year-old, did what all the momo character said to her and finally one day momo asked her to suicide and before telling this they where sending suicide images of various kids and told her ” to record how you suicide and I need to watch it ” and finally the girl got hanged upon the tree she died.

After this incident, it happend again in europe and various parts of america and they targeted small children using whatsApp.

Once another girl in America got message from the same number named momo where she posted it on Reddit, and even for her they are continuously started posting many suicide photos and when she closed her mouth by seeing these images, she got a message ” to take your hand from your mouth” and they got to know that there smartphone where hacked by malware so they can watch what they do in front of their mobile phone.

Important note To the parents 

If you are a parent or an elder in your home then please don’t give access to your children to use the smartphone. Keep monitoring what they doing on the phones and it is our hand to avoid this type of life loss happening around.

Read this lines carefully

Even for adults dont download any links that we get in your whatsApp messenger telling “Get free gifts” and much more this can be a malware that can take control over your smartphone.

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