Boost Your Android Device (Root)



Boost your android device the way it has never boosted!

App used : A919Tool <— Download

IMPORTANT : Root access required

Q) What is A919Tool?

A) A919Tool is the best handy app which shows a great performance over multiple android devices

Q) What it does?

A) Instant boost for your RAM and other useful tools

This is an alternative app to Smart RAM Booster, Rebooter, Sd-booster, Screen-off and lock, Torch, EasyTouch, Screenshot-It, SMS Toast, and AdrenalineBoost V3/V6 Supercharger’s ! application/scripts.
this is a minimalist and lightweight app, no ads, no bloatwares. Just simply your phone’s bestfriend.

How to use

Step 1) Download the app from the given link.

Step 2) Open the app


Step 3) Click on the “Hyperxlr8”

Step 4) Now check your ram 🙂


You can do a lot more things with this app

1) You can turn off your keypad lights by toggling the “Capactive LED Buttons” to OFF. Which helps to save battery

2) You can soft rebbot, reboot into recovery or shut down with this app


3) You can use “screenshot overlay” for a small transparent icon on the screen which helps to take screen shot readily

4) You can use “screen off overlay” for a small transparent icon on the screen which helps in turning off the screen with a tap on it


5) Turn on “Quadrant I/O-nizer” For those folks who likes to brag a high quadrant score

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