Cyber war between ISIS and Anonymous Turns up into fire


The online war between Isis and Anonymous stepped up a notch today as both sides continue to commit cyber attacks on each other.

Anonymous, the hacktivist collective, vowed to take on Isis following the Paris terror attacks.

Since then they have been responsible for having over 10,000 Isis related Twitter accounts taken down.

However the terror group have hit back, declaring themselves ‘owners of the virtual world’ and promising to strike back at Anonymous.

In an encrypted message sent out to their followers on the app Telegram, Isis also urged its followers to change their Twitter profile pictures to show a shoe print on a French flag.

A spokesperson from the Quilliam Foundation – a research institute which studies Islamic extremism – said: ‘I don’t know if it is literally declaring virtual war on Anonymous, but it is promising a response … They are definitely trying to taunt Anonymous with this.

‘Writing a post is easy, it’s doing a strong response that will be the thing to watch for.’

Following the announcement a Twitter account, believed to be set up by a member of Anonymous, was reportedly hacked.


The news comes shortly after Isis sent out guidelines to its followers advising them on online protection from cyber attacks.

Yesterday the website of a primary school near Manchester had its website hacked by someone claiming to be acting on behalf of Isis.

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