Facebook adds GIF Images to Add the fun

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Have you noticed? There is a new message box “GIF” option in Facebook Chat & Messenger.

Facebook wants users to use GIFs along with Messenger. The social media company has released a series of GIF oriented apps via third party developers, all working within Facebook Mesenger. As part of its bigger platform initiative, it is going ahead with several pilots to introduce GIFs directly into Messenger, even without the apps that were planned originally.The first step is being tested now. Facebook is working on a GIF button, one solely dedicated for users to move, find and send images with by only tapping twice. This is a much simpler in comparison to the current Facebook setup. Right now, it takes more time to share content in Messenger and users must download a decicated app to do so.

The new anticipated GIF button is more practical, but only began appearing to some of Messenger’s 700 million active monthly users this last last week. There are two companies currently being skimmable for GIFs to use at this point, Rifsy and Giphy. Both are also are producing their dedicated apps for Messenger. This does makes this easy, since either one serves useable GIFs up without needing to leave the Messenger app itself. The downside is that your GIF selections is rather limited.
Facebook adds new GIF option in Chat & Messenger

As this article is being written, Facebook has officially rolled out the integrated GIF search feature to iOS users in the U.S. and Canada. Although, this iPhone user also found the app available for Google Chrome on my desktop devices and it downloaded readily, on demand. So, it would be safe to say, the Messenger app for will be made available to most users soon enough.

For all those looking and asking where is this new Facebook Messenger GIF app located? Here’s the short answer.

If users of iPhones and iOS devices have Facebook Messenger loaded, it will show just below your text messaging bar. The same should be true for Windows phone and Android users, if you have the app currently installed, if not that is your first step.

Those with desktop computers, laptops, tablets or PCs should check for the app, download it and install it. Assuming you have already done the necessary steps, the GIF option should show up inside Facebook Messenger beneath the text messaging bar. Also the option maybe showing itself on the desktop of some Facebook users too, but not all of them.

If you already have the Messenger app loaded, check for any device updates. And if you can’t access this new app yet, it is safe to say, the Facebook Messenger will be made available for users soon enough, but today for the rest of us.

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