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Facebook has launched TechPrep Event, which will help the students and parents to develop a strong computer cognizance.

Facebook was created by Mark zuckerberg in idea of connecting people. And guess what as you know facebook got huge fans for this simple idea of Mark. (infact 2 billion people till today).And its still Growing.

Now Mark and team are thinking something big. Yes Facebook has launched an event so called ‘TechPrep’  to train and teach student coding

Facebook, is thus offering its new initiative Facebook TechPrep which will help to quench the curiosity of the students, expose parents and guardians to the computer science and create an environment of computer learning in the underrepresented groups by providing resources to all these people.

Facebook TechPrep will curate to the users the solutions to their requirements as per the individual skills such as the age of the learner, skill level and what kind of education they are interested in.

The TechPrep program specifically targets the unaware public and the parents who find themselves helpless in guiding their children in the field of computer learning.

How TechPrep will help

Facebook created TechPrep in response to our understanding,participation of the  of underrepresented minorities in programming careers. We found:

  • There was great self-confidence about their own potential among Black and Hispanic learners despite their underrepresentation in the industry. 50% of Blacks and 42% of Hispanics say they would be good at working with computers, compared to 35% of Whites and 35% of Asians.
  • However, 77% of parents say they do not know how to help their child pursue computer science. This percentage increases to approximately 83% for lower income and non-college graduate parents or guardians. Yet being encouraged to pursue computer science by a parent or guardian is a primary motivator for women, Blacks and Hispanics.
  • Lower awareness of computer science in Blacks and Hispanics is driven by less access to both people in CS and CS programs, and is a major driver of Black and Hispanic drop-off when pursuing programming as a career path.
  • Men are 5 times more likely than women to say that they “know a lot about computer programming.”

TechPrep connects people to resources including games, books, in-person opportunities and community events to help learners as well as parents and guardians guide their kids in to computer science and programming. It also includes profiles of real people pursuing these careers.

Watch the video posted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

For More info on TechPrep visit the official page.TechPrep

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