Google Pixel 3 doesn’t want to get rid of Headphone jack unlike others?


Google Pixel 3 Lite leaked decided to use Headphone jack

While, other phones in the modern market had decided to dump headphone jack on their new phones but Google Pixel 3 lite still listens to their customers and keep headphone jack intact.

n-between the overwhelming Google Pixel 3 leaks that materialized long before the launch event, there was a speculation that Google might show off a budget Google Pixel 3.

The newly surfaced alleged images of Pixel suggest that the company was indeed working on a lite version of Google Pixel 3, and planned to retain the headphone jack on it., a Russian publication, who has been actively participating in leaking out Google Pixel 3 XL, has yet again come up with some exclusive pictures of a Google device codenamed “Sargo”.

The device which appears to have larger bezels than Google Pixel 3 is entirely built from plastic, contrary to other Pixels that follow a metal body design. Interestingly, the device carries a headphone jack slot that has become scarce nowadays.

As for other specifications, Rozetked tells that it comes with an IPS LCD panel of 5.56-inches in size, Snapdragon 670 chipset, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. For the camera part, Pixel Lite is reported to come with a rear 12MP camera and a single 8MP front-facing camera.

While the internals are a bit outdated compared to Google Pixel 3, the camera seems to be the same and as 9to5Google notes, it might become a huge selling point for such a device. Previously, Google sent major Pixel 3 camera features to the earlier versions, which gave us more reasons not to switch to the Google Pixel 3 XL.

Anyway, the report says that Google Pixel Lite, the budget smart phone from the company will be priced between $400-$500. If that turns out to be true, iPhone XR, the so-called “budget iPhone” will certainly face challenges justifying its price, considering it starts for $749.

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