Google’s Tez App is rolling out Chat Feature to Counter WhatsApp Payments


Google is planning and gradually rolling out the chat feature on it’s popular Tez App to counter WhatsApp

After offering a tough competition to the incumbents, Google Tez is set to up its game by introducing a new feature. Aiming to take on payments-cum-chat apps, Google is rolling out the chat feature on its Tez payments app. The gradual rollout of the chat feature on Google Tez will compete with the likes of Paytm that recently introduced its Inbox chat feature and WhatsApp that is slowly rolling out its UPI-enabled payments service.

Google Tez recently began the payment of utility bills, including mobile postpaid bills to further take on the rival payments services. The new chat feature will work like other chat apps where the contacts can talk to each other within the payment conversation thread. A Google spokesperson confirmed the chat feature rollout on the Google Tez app. “We’ve added a feature to Tez that allows you to send simple messages back and forth to your contacts about the payments you make,” said the spokesperson

As we said, the Google Tez chat feature is gradually rolling out, so it is possible that while some users may have received it, others can’t see this option in Tez app. The chat feature had been added next to Pay and Request options in the payments conversation thread. Tapping on it will allow the contacts to exchanges messages about the payments, or to have just a regular conversation. The users can also block a contact.

The introduction of this feature marks the launch of another messaging service by Google, though this time it’s more India-centric as availability of Google Tez is limited to the country alone. This seems necessary too, as two of its biggest rivals WhatsApp and Paytm offer similar services to a larger share of users. Paytm already enjoys a huge user base in India and with the launch of its Inbox feature, the company gave a new chat platform to the users. WhatsApp, on the other hand, boasts of over 200 million monthly active users in India, which is a major portion of the population that owns smartphones in India. It recently began rolling out its payments service that is powered by Unified Payments Interface, or UPI service.

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