How to Install EMUI 3.0 (B374) on Honor 6 H60-L04



Recently Huawei Honor India released EMUI 3.0 Stable version for those who are in EMUI 2.3 (B109SP01 or B115). The EMUI 3.0 brings tons of extra features to your honor 6 experience, making every touch more engaging and interactive. So it’s time to get the 3.0 on your honor6 (H60-L04).

Note: To install any EMUI 3.0, Base version should be EMUI 2.3 (B109SP01 or B115).

Warning: Backup your personal data and other data in the internal memory.


  • B374 Full ROM pack- [sociallocker]Download [/sociallocker]

Installation Instruction:

Step 1:

  • Download and extract the downloaded file.
  • copy the Entire dload folder from extracted folder into internal memory(SD) OR copy the UPDATE.APP into dload folder in internal memory(SD).( If dload folder is not there then create it)

11391223_1619020401670600_7888055200444363314_ndload creationdload


Step 2:

There are two ways to perform update. choose any one of the following method to update.

  1. Local update ( your personal data will not get erased)
  2. Force update or 3 button installation ( It will erase your personal data and make clean installation)

Local update:

  • Open updater app and select local update (or)
  • Go to settings>updates>system updates and select Local update.
  • Select install and wait patiently. do not press power button.
  • After successful installation device will reboot.

update 2                update 4                   update 3

Note: Factory reset is recommended to get optimal performance of EMUI 3.0

Force update: (3 button installation)

  • After placing dload folder with UPDATE.APP into internal memory and power off the device
  • Press all the three buttons (Vol up+Vol down+power button) simultaneously.
  • After seen honor logo release the power button and after seen installation screen then release the volume buttons.
  • Wait for few minutes mean while don’t press power button. After successful installation device will reboot.



Now your device successfully upgraded to INDIAN stable version of EMUI 3.0 (B374).


Disclaimer : We are in no way responsible for whatever you do to your phone. If you brick your phone in the process we’ll try to help you to recover it but we can not guarantee anything. If you are unsure that you won’t be able to follow the process as stated please don’t attempt it. Take help of a friend.