How to resolve all type of errors when using SoundWire.


SoundWire is an application that lets you use your phone as a speaker. Soundwire lets you connect to your PC via LAN. The setup is fairly basic like other apps. It involves a similar server-client setup. However, both the devices need to be in the same WiFi Network. When I try to set up this software it showed an error like “unable to connect to the server”. I tried to install the software again by uninstalling it completely but it didn’t work. After a lot of tweaks and turns, I finally found a way to make it work. So I hope It might help you too (Note: This is only for Windows users).

After the installation of the software, if you open it for the first time it should ask for Windows Firewall prompt. but in some cases, it won’t ask at all. In these situations, one should manually allow the application to use the Windows Firewall.

Here is how to do it. I found two type of solutions to this problem. One is ,

  • First, go to control panel>System and Security>Windows defender firewall>Allowed an app or feature through windows defender firewall.
  • In there click on “change settings” ( at the top). Then click on “Allow another app…”.
  • Click on browse and then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\SoundWire Server (or where ever you have installed the software). Then select SonudWireServer and click open.
  • Now on the Windows Defender firewall menu Click on check marks for SondWireServer Application to enable the permission and then click ok.
  • Now try to connect your phone to the Soundwire as usual. It should work, if not try the steps below.

If that doesn’t work( it happened for me too) try this,

  • Go to control panel>Network and internet>Change advance Shearing settings.
  • If your network discovery is off change it to “turn on network discovery” and click on save changes.
  • Now try to connect your phone to the Soundwire as usual. Most probably it should work this time.


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