How to Update Indian Honor 6 to Lollipop beta (EMUI 3.1)

B506, B507, Honor 6 lollipop Beta


Huawei Honor India has released LOLLIPOP BETA (Emui 3.1) version. You can now install it on your Honor 6 L04. But you need to have B374 (EMUI 3.0) or B115 (EMUI 2.3) as base version on Honor 6 otherwise installation will fail.


If you are using mega link use the mega app to download the file.

Note: Please backup your personal data before proceeding. You need to have stock recovery, ensure you are not rooted and not in custom recovery.

Those who are in other EMUI 3.0 (B370, B380, B390, B393) versions downgrade to B309 and then install B115 or B374.(steps given below)

Those who are in EMUI 2.3 (B109SP01, B114) version update to B115 or B374 first. Upgrade to B374

B374 Installation Instructions:

This is applicable to only those people who are on EMUI 3.0 (B370, B380, B390 and B393)

Those who are on B115 or B374 please skip these instructions and directly scroll down to Lollipop beta updation procedure.

Step 1: Downgrade to B309

  • Download B309 downgrade pack and extract it, copy the UPDATE.APP into dload folder in Internal memory or SD.



  • Open updater and do local update.




  • Now you have successfully downgraded to B309.

Step 2: B374 upgrade procedure.

  • Download B374 and extract it, copy the UPDATE.APP into dload folder in Internal memory or SD card.



  • Open updater app and do local update.

Local update



  • Now you have successfully upgraded to B374.


LOLLIPOP BETA updation procedure:

  • Download Lollipop beta B506 file and extract it. copy the into dload folder in SD card.


  • Follow the steps in the pictures given below.

Local updateScreenshot_2015-07-14-19-59-558


  • Now you have successfully upgraded to Lollipop beta. Your about phone screen should show this version.


If you want to downgrade please refer Here

If you want to root Honor 6 Lollipop refer here.



Disclaimer : We are in no way responsible for whatever you do to your phone. If you brick your phone in the process we’ll try to help you to recover it but we can not guarantee anything. If you are unsure that you won’t be able to follow the process as stated please don’t attempt it. Take help of a friend.