How to use your phone as a speaker for old PC or laptop.


Do you have an old laptop with a bad speaker? and have you ever thought of using your as a speaker, well then, you are in the right place. let’s get started.

what do you need?

  1. SoundWire app on your phone.
  2. SoundWire server application on your laptop.
  3. You should be connected to the same wifi network.

SoundWire is an application that lets you use your phone as a speaker. Soundwire lets you connect to your PC via LAN. The setup is fairly basic like other apps. It involves a similar server-client setup. However, both the devices need to be in the same WiFi Network.

  • Download and install the SoundWire server application on your laptop. If it asks for windows firewall connection, click allow to grant permission.
  • Install SoundWire application on your phone too.
  • open the app on your phone and also run the application on the laptop.
not connected.
  • On your phone tap on the SoundWire icon to automatically scan and connect to the server on the same wifi network.
  • If the above step does not work, try to manually type your server address displayd on the application (
  • Now you should see the ststus turn green and say “connected to xxx”.
when its connected.

Now try playing a sound on your laptop, it should also be playing on your phone’s speaker too. even if you mute the speakers on your laptop it should continue to play on your phone.

If you still geting the errors like “unable to connect to the server”. Click here.

For troubleshooting visit the developer’s website-

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