How to make themes for Honor phones

how to make themes for honor phones

One of the main features of EMUI is the possibility to theme the user interface extensively. This tutorial will explain the basics of making themes for EMUI (3.0 and above).

EMUI themes are distributed in the .hwt format. This format is nothing else than a ZIP file with a different extension. It’s best to take a ready-made .hwt theme and unzip it to study the structure.

Follow the below steps to customize your theme;

  1. Unzip the .hwt file. Simply copy the .hwt file in different folder and rename the extension to .zip. Extract the same with default file browser. After extracting you will see the below different files in that theme. (Please see the tutorial video for how to rename and extract the theme)

  1. Now you will see a lot of files without any extension ( etc.). These are also just zip files.
  2. Now if you don’t like calling screen of particular theme, you can remove file from that theme or replaced with another theme. (Please see the tutorial video for replacing the contents of theme)
  3. Like that if you want to change icons, then replace icons file with another theme.
  4. After replacing unwanted things or files you need to select all the contents and compress the theme. (Please see the tutorial video for how to compress).
  5. Your theme is ready, now just rename the extension from .zip to .hwt. Copy this file to theme folder and enjoy your customized theme.
  6. Below are the meanings of files which are available in the theme file.


NameTypeDescription of contacts app theming data of dialer in call interface data of theming data for status bar and system popups of settings app theming data of Themes app theming data
framework-resFileContains xml for colour status bar notification texts and a few status bar icons
framework-res-hwextFileContains theming data for Huawei themed generic style: checkboxes, buttons, etc. and font colours
iconsFileArchive containing icons and icon masks
description.xmlFileXML file containing information about the theme as displayed in the Themes app
previewFolderContains preview images (as displayed in Themes app)
unlockFolderContains lockscreen theme
wallpaperFolderContains homescreen and lockscreen wallpapers


Credits: Ganesh



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