Metateta Automatic Scanning and Exploitation Tool with Metasploit


Metateta is a new tool will be released in the next release of Kali Linux operating system.

Metateta is an automated tool for scanning and exploiting network protocols using Metasploit and for faster pen testing for large networks. Network protocols are formal models and strategies contained rules, techniques and formats that characterize communication between at least two gadgets over a network. Network protocols oversee the end-to-end procedures of opportune, secure and managed information or network communication.

What can you do with Metateta?

  • Scanning with all Metasploit modules for specific network Protocol like SMB, SMTP, SNMP etc.
  • Run all Auxiliary modules against specific network Protocol
  • Run all Possible Metasploit Exploits for specific network Protocol That's is not recommended for real pen testing
  • Can Run against one target or network or even text file with targets
Metata Tool

Metateta is an automatic scanning tool built to run with Metasploit by Hossam Mohamed 

Metateta tool is available to download on Github basically the tool use msfconsole to load the rc script and performs all the auxilary scan on the provided network or the systems, If the auxilary scanner finds any vulnerability,

Then, the vulnerability is  exploited automatically with exploit code which is already pre defined in Metasploit. 

Metateta is a best tool to scan large scans and perform automatic scanning and exploit the vulnerability. 

Using Example’s

  • -R -p smb -x exploit
  •  -r -p smtp -x scan
  • -r -p ftp -x auxiliary 

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