Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) recovery is a well-known custom recovery image for Android-based devices. It is so handy when it comes to installing third-party firmware and back up the current system and functions you can’t perform using stock recovery images. People who use TWRP to back up their data know that you can back up your app data, boot image, system data, etc. But, there was the only one problem, “you were not able to back up your entire internal storage (/data/media) by default”.Now the problem is solved. Thanx to  XDA senior member kdragOn, who made a useful application called Tipatch that patches TWRP to allow full data backups, including internal storage.

Tipatch works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. If you’re rooted and already have a recovery installed, the application will patch the recovery for you in one tap. But, if you’re unrooted, the application will patch the image of TWRP, which you can download from the official website.

As kdragOn mentioned in his post that “As far as I know, this works on every device. It has been confirmed to work on Exynos (Galaxy S8, Galaxy A8), Snapdragon (Mi A1, Galaxy S9+ unlocked), Kirin (Mate 10 Lite), and MediaTek devices”.

How to patch TWRP to backup full data.

WARNING: After patching TWRP, wiping the data will also wipe your internal storage, which may have your TWRP backups in it. Also, restoring the backup may result in unfinished or older versions of the documents you were working on. Some apps and games even save their data on the internal storage, so they may also get affected.

For rooted users:

1.Download the app either from Playstore or XDAlabs app.(download links are below)

  1. The app will ask for root permission, just grant the root permission.

  2. On the bottom right corner click on the upward arrow(^).

  3. Click on “patch”, and you are done.

For non-rooted users:

  1. Download the app either from Playstore or XDALabs app.

  2. The app will ask for your device’s recovery image(the recovery image to patch).just show the file which you have downloaded.

  3. You can also choose the destination(where to save the patched recovery image).

  4. On the bottom right corner click on the upward arrow(^).

  5. Click on “patch”, and you are done.


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Tipatch • Full backups at last 

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Tipatch • Backup internal storage


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