when comes to battle royale Player Unkown’s battleground(or PUBG that you know as) has been the favorite for most of the people.No doubt that PUBG is losing its spot as other battle royale games, like Fortnite, are gaining a bit of popularity. Even though the developers of PUBG are trying a lot of things to make people return back to it. In that effort, they are releasing the(big) 0.9.5.so, what’s new in it?

UPDATE 0.9.5

As you all know you are getting those popups from Tencent that there is an update coming on November 20th.The third season has also ended and the Royale Pass is currently locked as the update is in its final stage.

  • You will get to see the new assault rifle-M762 and it will be spawned in all three maps. It will have a hit damage of 47, bullet speed of 715m/s , uses the 7.62 ammo. It is a more versatile assault rifle with more attachments than AKM.
  • A new vehicle will be spawned in Sanhok called Scooter. It is a two-wheeled motorcycle only spawned in Sanhok. It will have a lower speed but higher turning angle when compared with the current motorcycle.
  • Sanhok map will be updated with the dynamic weather. After the update players can encounter random rain, fog, sunny skies, and much more during the match.
  • Royal Pass season 4 comes with more rear outfits, new character faces, new hairstyles.
  • Shope will be updated with the new black Friday deals and discounted purchases.

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