Transferring files B W Android and PC WiFi




The coolest way to share files between android mobile phone and pc through wifi!

Q) What is this?

A) This this is a app which helps in the connectivity of your phone and pc through wifi and share files at the maximum speed.

Q) Why this?

A) There may be many apps to do this. But this app has some extra features like mirror casting, call receiving.. etc…

Download Here


Step :- 1 First download the app from the download link

Step :- 2 After installation navigate to the app and open it

Step :- 3 If you are connect to a wifi network then the app generates a separate unique access id eg..


Step :- 4 If you are not connected to a wifi network then you can remotely login to your mobile phone by this link

  • You can either scan the QR code provided in the above link from the app



  • Or you can sign up to the website and log in




Step :- 5 Type the given id in your web browser and grant the access from your phone



Step :- 6 Bingo now you are done.. u can navigate through the various features of the app

  • you can copy the required texts to your phone via clipboard



  • you can open the url link in your phone by navigating to the url icon



  • you can install the apk files from your PC. Just drag and drop the apk file into the app icon

or just locate the apk file using the browser icon



  • You can copy the files to your mobile using the file icon. Just drag and drop a file or a folder( just locate the file using the browser icon)

it will be saved in ” sdcard/airdroid/upload” (you can also change the default location)


  • You can check your call logs, photos, videos… etc… Just navigate to the following icons



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